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Dronepad Italy

Widespread Infrastructures for VTOLs

DRONEPAD ITALY comes from Helidecks’ great experience in the field of aeronautical infrastructures.

Helidecks is a company based in Italy and with a branch in the Dubai South Aviation area in the UAE. It is controlled by Tekno Consulting Group.


The concept of Urban Air Mobility, essential to meet the need to move quickly from one point to another in the now congested metropolises. inspired the DRONEPAD project or the creation of widespread infrastructures for vertical landing and take-off.

For over 15 years Helidecks, under the aegis of Tekno Consulting Heliports, has carried out construction work on landing sites, flight bridges and heliports in every sector and in various fields, both civil and military and has become one of the leaders in the sector.

Our Team

Emanuele Angeli

Founder & CEO

Mauro Martelli

Chief Operating Officer

Cristiano Bronzi

Operation Manager
Francesco Galatà

Francesco Galatà

Systems Engineer

Elisa Eroli

Regulatory Policy Manager

Maria Carmen Lorusso

Chief Financial Advisor

Lucia Bernabei

Project Economist
Andrea Grazini

Andrea Grazini

Infrastructure Manager


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Vertiport – Widespread Landing and Take-Off Infrastructure.

T. +39 0761 226853E. info@dronepaditaly.com