Emanuele Angeli

Founder & Ceo


Founder of Helidecks. Director of Tekno Consulting since 2005. Founder of Dronepads Italy.

Born in Tarquinia in central Italy on 07/28/1971.

After personal experiences in the helicopter field, in 2005 he founded Tekno Consulting Heliports, over the course of 15 years he consolidated the Tekno Consulting Group through a process of internal growth and in 2008 he transformed the Heliport Division of Tekno Consulting into an independent company, Helidecks.

For over 15 years Helidecks, under the control of the Tekno Consulting Group, has been carrying out construction work on landing sites, flight bridges and helipads in every sector and in various fields, both civil and military and has become one of the world leaders in its field.

In 2017 he managed for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – in collaboration with the 2nd Engineering Department of the Italian Air Force – the construction of the first removable helicopter landing platform HELISMART on Santo Stefano Island;

In the same year he created – for the first time in Italy – an helideck with international certification for day and night flight on board the first private gigayacht ever built by an Italian shipyard, at Benetti Yards – Livorno.

In 2020 he managed the construction of a heliport and medical service at the Imola racetrack, thus allowing the Formula 1 Grand Prix to be brought back to Imola.

From the experience gained in the heliports implementations he developed the DRONEPAD Project.

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