Technical Specification


Dronepad Italy stations are located above street level, with the touch pad placed at a height of three meters and a diameter of 13 meters, still allowing people and other vehicles along the street to keep circulating without being involved in take-off/landing operations.


Dronepad Italy project was developed based on 2 drone models presently under certification, namely Volocopter 2x and Ehang 184, but it is certified also for the landing of helicopters and VTOLs up to a maximum length of 13 metres.

Supporting structure

The supporting structure consists of a steel frame, with the horizontal floor made of radially arranged primary and secondary beams. The primary structure is made of HEA140 steel pillars and beams, while the secondary structure is made of HEA100 steel pillars and beams.

Covering and Materials

The pancake is completed by the HELISMART profile, a plug-and-play system patented by HELIDECKS and already implemented for the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The supporting metal structure is coated in Alucobond®, non-flammable architectural aluminum composite panels. The external casing will feature a continuous front side made of high-performance thermo-acoustic glass panels.


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