Market scenarios


Context and market scenarios

The traffic in our cities is more and more congested, with pollution making air unbreathable, and thus posing a serious threat to the physical safety and health of those who live there. This is why it is necessary to take advantage of urban air mobility, to meet work and commuting needs. To this end, we may resort to the air metro as well as Taxi Drones and new generation helicopters both for passenger transport and goods distribution, as well as for emergency medical service and civil protection.

The UN estimates that by 2050 no less than two-thirds of the world’s population will live in metropolitan areas: 33 cities are home to more than 10 million inhabitants; by 2030 there will be 43. Already now, 55% of the global population lives in medium-large urban areas.

Already by 2024 the first commercial passenger flights of flying taxis could be operational, and an estimated 100,000+ passenger drones will be fully operational by 2050.

Passengers in 2028
VTOL in 2030
Passengers in 2030

Dronepad Italy landing stations can be used by several urban actors, not simply by the standard city taxi service, but also by companies for delivery of goods, public administrations, law enforcement officers, health service and civil protection.

Vertiport – Widespread Landing and Take-Off Infrastructure.

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